Florent Hébert

Florent Hébert

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Fishing at North Hatley

Fishing 2016

  • Fishing only: $250 for 4 hours 
  • Package with B&B accommodation: $340 for 6 hours

For reservation 819.842.2970

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


It’s a passion I wish to share with anyone who dreams of catching a fish. I got hooked when I was only 11 years old at the summer camp in Lac Lachigan in the Laurentians. It was a bass by the way and I never was the same afterwards. Fishing saved my life. Some 45 years later, I still get excited no matter what is at the end of the line, especially if I made you catch a fish because I advised you on where to cast and with what.

Above all, I love to share what I know and teach people fishing techniques, how to choose your rod, your lures, when you should go so that you become a fisherman or fisherwoman. Whether you are attracted to casting or to fly fishing, I will dedicate my day to making you catch fish and also understand why you caught it.

I also provide jokes and laughter, guaranteed.  Come and join me, you will love your experience!

Private lessons

Private classes for adults and children are also available according to your needs.

Fishing photos

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